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I'm so hooked up to this movie. anyhow i think it's an above average movie. I hope i can make a story like this one :). i think all people should Rei Jul 06 2008 10:50 am Skate Into Love (Chinese Drama); 冰糖炖雪梨; Bing Tang Dun Xue Li;Rock Sugar and Pear Stew;冰糖燉雪梨;Bingtang dun xuelí; A shorttrack speed skating Current user rating: 95/100 (2145 votes) I thought it was so fast-paced everything that happened came off as absurd and ridiculous. i think i hvnt cried do much in my 1st brk-up, d way i cried wtchng dis mvi... <3 :*, haje Jul 10 2012 4:29 am Loved this movie and the male & female lead casting <3, Acira Aug 04 2011 4:46 am And for those who say that it's related to them: you guys life are not that sad. Originally titled Blue Sky (Korean: 푸른 하늘; RR: Peureun Haneul), the series' name was later changed to Youth. High school student Mika (Yui Aragaki) has yet to encounter true love. Natsuki Imai. 4.3/5.0. Blessel Aug 05 2012 1:59 am RamenLover Oct 08 2008 2:20 am lil gun Nov 17 2008 8:01 pm The teenage couple decides to have the baby and ask their parents to accept their marriage. Producer: Masayuki Morikawa, Jun Nasuda, Kazuya Hamana. Episode 3 shows that it is not good to test your partner specially if you are not ready to accept the result or you might regret it. but it have sense in a way how it touched others including me.. i watch i over and over and did not get tired of watching it.. i also love the characters especially MIKA and HIRo.. hiro is so very cute and mika as well.. their tandem is very cute.. i hope they will make another movie together and this time it will not make us cry instead make us happy and inspired, and no one will die at the end of the story.. i want a happy ending love story for them.. there's a chemistry between of them.. ♥♥♥ i love mika and hiro.. Chrissy May 01 2011 2:19 pm !simple!it's a very nyc and touching story...but sad to say,,I hate the ending!why do Hiro died?? very very beautiful..........^_^ she is very very cute n hiro is nice hair, Cathrina ;) May 04 2010 7:54 am It is the first drama that makes my eyes cry a lot !!! thanks for the movie i felt inlove inspire and cry wth it... love it;) all my co workers also felt it too..they love watching too.. rainy Sep 30 2011 4:34 am i love this movie  ;DD, Leara Dec 12 2008 2:41 pm After an ultimate fight, Romy decides to break free. The next day, Mika is shocked to learn the person calling her is Hiro. Mikan Sep 23 2008 6:21 am ?but over all,,,u really made me cry....:,(if im gonna rate u,,it will be 99.9%/100%!!!!! because i was so affected i still wants to look after more good movies. The movie is amazing, it is really a sad but touching story. Poon Aug 23 2020 7:44 pm Koizora (恋空, Koizora, lit. The devastated Mika then wallows in isolated pity until she comes across nice guy Yu Fukuhara. It is a “pure love” story of the two going through many unimaginably sad incidents while nurturing their love single-mindedly. it'll take at least 20 years to develop tumor and turn into malignancy.. unless it's leukemia.. (scratch scratch my head..) i love him 4ever!!!!!!!!!!! hiro really made me feel the love for each But all of you have different opinions, so that's good to know. [CDATA[ I hope they'll make a collab again in a jdrama too in the near future. and i cant believe a guy like that could ever exist.. he seemed so mature, and gentle, but his image and past of having an ex was weird.. like, how'd he and his ex breakup? Love & Hip Hop New York cast listing. The film feels a lot longer than its runtime and literally moves in slow motion during its lengthy middle portion. nak pinjam movie, Demy Sep 22 2011 9:58 am When Mika confronts Hiro about his recent behavior, Hiro tells her that he wants to break up. The movie makes me cry heart out. I had no idea that this drama has sad ending, otherwise i would never have watched. mei Sep 20 2009 7:25 am ..i dont like sad story but i still want to watch it!! hmm, very pretty actors and cinematography, but the storyline was crap. and he's really a great actor; he's got many different roles.. window.W4GRB = new Object(); it was sad. With Ruoxuan Chen, Xiaotong Guan, Jingyi Ju, Ruoyun Zhang. It is a nice movie.. Then a few months later, Mika becomes pregnant with Hiro’s child. Japanese: 恋空. it was just weird.. and he sees Mika and gives her a try and "fate" matched their personalities together? Crap to the max... there's no "power of love" that can help u find a missing person... and how can u even have sex in the library? Ntsebo Jul 18 2009 12:42 pm patrick petran May 17 2010 7:33 pm even im a pilipina . Yen Mar 20 2009 10:57 am I watch this movie at like 1am and seriously i was not able to sleep. Aruna Boro Jul 23 2012 1:23 am Not the best jdrama. Well, this movie was good :), he's Cute. { The next day Mika is shocked to learn the guy calling her daily is the punkish white hair kid she ran into earlier. Gift Sep 26 2013 12:44 am haha, it was cute but impossible.. anyways, why does it say two different actors played Nozomu? movie was good,but the 1st half was disappointing, i mean how ofter u have sex in school library? Their acting satisfied me, they made me cry :D. Mitu Feb 25 2013 2:14 am <<<<<<>>>>>> XD. i so much love this movie . Release date 'Big Sky' will air on ABC on Tuesday, November 17, at 10 pm. Its really emotional .I love the story. i am crying in middle of night because of this movie :D sob :(. Is Sep 06 2013 1:23 pm I've been watching this drama repeatedly since 2 years ago but I still can't get enough! (BUT THIS PART IS NOT SHOWN IN THE MOVIE ). Mira Farah Jan 29 2016 6:29 am I just watched this movie yesterday and instantly fell in love with this movie. i dont expect it that ki will cry but this story is so touching.......... I understand that the sex was important to the author but it destroys any continuity of the movie. haha thumbs up. I know... even though some of them give a little bit hope in the end of the movie. im deeply inlove with this drama! OMG LOVED this movie. I couldn't bring myself to finish the movie. hana Feb 09 2009 4:28 pm //]]>, //

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